The ceremonies usually open with a calling to light beings and guiding spirits of the Earth and the Medicine, a deep guided meditation to expand the awareness and centre in the heart where your intentions are set.


The Medicine is then served and we enter the space of full presence and receptivity.


Additional energy work could be offered if the calling is intuitively felt.

After the meditation, the Space Holder grounds back the participants to we close the ceremony. We then enter a phase of integration and sharing from the heart, if need be.

The medicine, combined with the healing energy of the breath of the giver, leads to a strong energetic and physical reaction, cracking our resistances and through the tensions we hold in our various energetic centres, thus opening a window of opportunity for the recipient to break free from the constraints of the reality perception reduction valve of the thinking mind.

Hapeh Ceremonies

- Plan for a total of 2h session length, inclusive of the introductionand preliminary teachings about intention setting.

- If possible, meditate on an intention to call forth a few days ahead 

- Wear comfortable clothes 

- Do not eat 2h ahead 

“Rapé”/ "Hapeh" is a powerful shamanic snuff, crafted by shamans of indigenous tribes of the Amazonian rainforest to create a Sacred Space for Cleansing and Transforming through Intention, guided by the Ancient Spirit of the medicine.


It  is a mixture of a specially cured & potent wild Tobacco mixed with ashes of sacred aromatic trees and other medicinal plants. It is not hallucinogenic although the effects are profound given the right setting,  a clear intention in mind, with reverence to the spirit and a strong desire at heart. 


We benefit from its powerful properties to clear our minds, cleanse our energy bodies, open our third eye and increase our receptivity. It is also commonly used to re-align and open the chakras, improve grounding, decalcifies the pineal gland, release negative thoughts & patterns, and elevate the connection with Spirit.

What is Hapeh?

"This is a work of clarity, of release and elevation, guided by a masculine plant. Be prepared for whatever arises, journeying courageously into the unknown, past your resistances and comfort zones, towards the eternal sunshine of the spotless heart." - Thomas


How it works?

Session Preparation

This group practice is called Alchemy of Sacred Geometry. It is an ancient energetic and spiritual activation that was used in Ancient Egypt and older civilisations. 


Based on scientific research in quantum physics, this field is the primary field or the information field of the Universe. By its properties it is called the field of Consciousness of the Universe. It represents space-time vortices, saturated not with energy with an infinitely large amount of information both in space and in time.


Alchemy of Sacred Geometry is an advanced practice, that requires participants to be clear in their intention and committed to the expansion of Love and Light in their life. 

Activation of the heart with Sacred Geometry

What is Sacred Geometry Activation?

We use the ability of the heart center - the most powerful energetical center and organ in the human body, to work as a receiving and transmitting device of Love energy.

The Space Holder guides the meditation with the participants sitting in a circle around him. They will alternatively radiate and receive the energy of Love from the heart center.

Using a specific sequence based on the harmonics of Sacred Geometry, the group designs in the quantum space patterns existing at the root of the universe - the Platonic Bodies and Merkaba structures, expressed in 3 dimensions. We can also be guided to use non-metatronic geometry, depending on the fields of the participants.

The results depends on what is needed to be received by the participant, and ranges from DNA activations, improved psychic and spiritual abilities, increased lucid dreaming, enhanced connection to Higher Self and Divine Realms, dissolution of energy blockage in the body, 3rd eye cleansing and opening, exposure and deprogramming of harmful behavioral patterns ...

After the geometrical practice, we lay in Shavassana to integrate the energies for at least 15 minutes, then we conclude by collectively holding intentions for various causes that can benefit from the powerful love energy field created. 

How it works?

  • Plan for a total of 2h, inclusive of the introduction and preliminary teachings about intention setting

  • If possible, meditate on an intention to call forth a few days ahead 

  • Wear comfortable clothes 

  • Do not eat 3h ahead 

Session Preparation


We use the medicine in a sacred ritual, which start with connecting with the Spirit of Cacao, its wisdom and gifts. When the space is open, intentions are set before mindfully consuming the beverage.


We then enter a meditative space where euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body. 


Music, oils, blindfolds and other items can be used in order to create an experience allowing to explore our truth,  love, and freedom.

Cacao Ceremony

  • Do not eat 3h ahead of consuming the cacao for maximum effect 

Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, originating in the Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, and are used for medicinal and spiritual purposes in a ceremonial context, for inner awakening and creative guidance.


Cacao seeds were considered the food of the gods by our ancestors. When  consumed at a high dosage, the brewed delicious cacao spiced beverage opens the heart, enhances the sensorial experience, and allows a connection to our Inner Being. 


The recipe used by Kural comes from the Mayan shamans, and we can guarantee that it will be the best you ever tried 

What is it ?

How does it works?

Session Preparation


Depending on the motivation & commitment level of the participant, the guidance format is chosen:

  • a one-off private session (2h) with Kural to address a specific topic and define the plan to follow*

  • a program of several sessions allowing to go much deeper in the transformation, for at least 21 days and at most 3 months.

    • this modality includes 1 session per week, real life homework to take on in-between sessions and a support on Whatsapp available every day to support the process.


The session can be done face to face depending on the location of the participant, or by video-conference.

1-1 Guidance Sessions

  • At least 15mn ahead and after the sessions should be spent in meditation.

  • Prepare to take notes

Based on his spiritual studies and life experiences, Kural holds keys - or teachings - that can be of a great help in the following areas & more: 

  • cultivation of self-love and love for all things (living from the heart)

  • identification and reprogramming of harmful subconscious programs (also called blockages)

  • life vibration increase methods

  • self-guidance tools 

  • energetic cleansing and protection practices

  • numerous meditations approaches

  • Topic specific deep dive:

    • approach your multidimensionnality,

    • understand the evolution of your consciousness

    • current learn to ride the dimensional change on earth

    • connecting to your inner shaman archetype

    • connect and work with your spirit guides... 


The purpose of this offering is to share all the teachings and methods that Kural has successfully verified for himself and his clients, in order to raise the collective awareness and vibration. 

What is it ?

How it works?

Session Preparation


The healing requires an agreement to be established between the patient & Kural: trust in the process, invoking of courage / warrior energy and a deep desire to heal. 


Kural will then guide the patient step by step through the process until completion. 


It is important to note that healing can feel uncomfortable at first. For example: repressed emotions needing to be expressed and released, facing a self-imposed delusion that caused pain

Healing Sessions & Energy Work

  • At least 15mn ahead and after the sessions should be spent in meditation

The healing of a pain, whether the root of it is located at the physical, mental, energetic or spiritual levels, will always come from the participant, as to ensure the conservation of one's own inner power and sovereignty. The healer's role is to guide, prepare and assist the process using specific methods and practices allowing a return to full health. 


Kural always uses the most powerful healing modalities that he is initiated into, which are effective on-site and remotely, and which include - but are not limited to:

  • Energy work:

    • shamanic removal of dense energies from the ill body, re-alignment of the vibration with divine love energy (Shamanism / Aka Dua / Quantum Healing)

    • Alchemical transmutation of low frequency energies into high vibrational healing energy (Ancient Egypt tradition / Crystal Alchemy)

    • Chakra purification and balancing (intra-body energy transfer / rays of God)*

  • Guided inquiry: identification of root issue within the subconscious mind, desidentification and reprogrammation. Usually touches upon vulnerable spaces. 

  • Spiritual healing: cut of harmful energy links to the low Astral realm, to toxic entities (human & non-human), purification of energies affected by black magic, extraction of entities & parasites attached to organs & energy body, powerful protective prayers... 

What is it ?

How it works?

Session Preparation


Teachings of Universal Light Language: a practice of consciously weaving light according to precise sacred geometries & colors, coming from the Mayan and Aztec traditions.


This system of colors and shapes was handed down in a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican Curanderos, master teachers who kept this information within a select community for generations (26 to date).

Light Language is reading, writing and emanating light to communicate on the four major planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Through the conscious creation of sequences of sacred geometric shapes, combined with colors sent to the aura or energetic fields of self and others, our manifestations are eased into reality.

Advanced practitioners such as KURAL are also initiated into building grids, or sequences of light geometries, that stay active and keep working in the morphogenetic field of the client, for a set period of time.

More information in this video:

What is it ?

How it works?

The usage of the light language technology requires a basic understanding of the client's situation: current levels of energy, state of health at physical but more importantly at emotional & psychological levels.


Also essential to share from the client: which modalities of the healing are expected / can be handled: intense and quicker, gentle and softer, etc...

Then Kural can create off session the light language grid that is the most appropriate regarding the client's situation.

For your information, there is an agreement for using this powerful technology: each grid created for a persnal usage must be balanced by Kural creating a grid for the collective (exemple: environmental issue, community in need etc...). That time & work is not billed to the client but is considered as collective light work by Kural.

  • No specific preparation, except to be in a calm undisturbed environment for the session

Session Preparation